I read with pleasure this work by Professor Stajčić because every sentence reveals the great experience of the author, who, during his career, has been confronted with all kinds of surgical problems, complications and failures. This degree of experience makes the Atlas so trustworthy and the knowledge disclosed so authentic.

The Atlas depicts every detail in the field of ambulatory Implant Dentistry and Oral Surgery; one example, among many others, is the description of no fewer than 18 different flaps and their indications. No subject is overlooked; for instance, the delicate handling of the maxillary sinus subjected to the Caldwell-Luc procedure and lined by scarring tissue is one of several subjects which are neglected in other works of this kind.

Not only established treatment methods but also novel techniques developed by the author are presented in a systematic and understandable way. Another attractive feature of the book is the very instructive video presentations of special interventions available via the internet (, which facilitate the learning process because surgery is also a visual art.

I personally know how much work is required to create a surgical book such as this: when, together with Dr. Gian Pajarola, I wrote the Atlas of Oral Surgery (Thieme 1996), it took 4 years. In the meantime 20 years have elapsed, and in implant surgery, for example, significantly wider experiences have been gained. Professor Stajčić has integrated from our Atlas the SAC Classification, which obviously is still a helpful instrument to evaluate a surgical situation and avoid complications.

This book on Implant Dentistry and Oral Surgery is a delight to read and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all professionals, including experienced oral surgeons.

Professor Hermann Sailer